Welcome to the MirorCore Business Model

There are many reasons why MirorCore has decided to distribute our amazing wellness products through an affiliate direct sales plan.

First, product sales through direct selling is a multi-billion dollar industry and is really sales through "word of mouth". This is ideal for MirorCore because people that use our unique products want to share them with others. Well, with our new affiliate direct sales plan you can share a great product with your friends and neighbors and create an income at the same time and even help them create an income.

Direct Sales Growth and Popularity

A record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States in 2016, a 1.5% increase from the previous year. These people are affiliated with direct selling companies, and are eligible to purchase products and resell them at a profit or receive a commission. They are also eligible to refer others that do the same. 5.3 people million are building independent businesses as direct sellers, meaning they are actively managing a customer base and possibly referring others to do the same. 800,000 of these people are full-time and 4.5 million are part time. In addition, 15.2 million others receive a discount on products and services that they personally enjoy and use. Estimated direct retail sales of $35.54 billion in 2016 is the second most in direct selling history.

How Does the 3-3 Affiliate Plan Work

Our plan works through people using our products such as Miror EPF, Derma 180 and our new CBD products and becoming an affiliate. Then refer our products to others that believe in living a healthier lifestyle and invite them to become an affiliate. It is that simple. When you have a minimum of 3 affiliates enjoying the benefits of our products and inviting others to do the same you are on your way to earning extra income from commissions on their purchases. Click here to learn about the MirorCore 3-3 Compensation Plan.

Growing Your 3-3 Team

The first step after you have become an affiliate is to grow your team. Your team is you and the people you introduce to the MirorCore products who also buy MirorCore products and become affiliates.

Success in being an affiliate comes from the same things that make any other business a success; know your market, find them, deliver a message that appeals to them, and service them well.

The most successful affiliates  use and love their products. They talk about them with enthusiasm, which is what helps sell them. Using your products and services also gives you personal experiences and information so you can discuss them honestly and accurately with potential customers.

Building an organization is the key to harnessing the full power of the affiliate marketing business model. There are only 168 hours in a week, and there is a limit to how many hours any one individual can work. With your help, other MirorCore Affiliates in your organization can build their own organizations, which could mean thousands of combined work hours! The best part... you get paid on a percentage of the sales your organization generates! This is in addition to what you earn for your own sales. Imagine the possibilities for growth ... over time, as your organization grows, you can earn more money than you ever could working alone.

MirorCore can help you change your wellness and your financial health TODAY!